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Process and core code:


Unity shader:


Core frequency:

2025-2395MHz (Game/Acceleration), Dual BIOS with same frequency

GPU memory speed:


Capacity and specifications for GPU memory:


Infinity Cache:


3D Features:

Full DirectX 12/Ray Tracing

OS characteristics include:

Win10/11 64

GPU Cooler:

YT8A (8*6mm composite heat pipe supports anti-gravity, double ball fan, the color of the light is the same as that of the fan (it does not light up when it stops), 10cm fan, pure copper bottom, light switch on the back panel)

Fan Features:

6Pin (4Pin fan + 2Pin light board), adjustable speed, display speed value

Other features:

AMD Anti-La g, FreeSync,FSR,RSR Privacy View, image sharpen, Chill, AMD Link,SAM, Radeon Boost,Mantle,Vulkan 1.3,OpenGL 4.6,OpenCL 2.2

Bus interface:

PCI-Express 4.0 x16

Output port:

DP(2.1) *3 + HDMI(2.1)

Max Resolution:

7680*4320(DP & HDMI)


not supported

Power supply design:

10+3+1/2+1 phase (core/gpu memory)

Encoding/decoding characteristics:

Support 4K H264 encoding/decoding, 4K H265HEVC encoding/decoding, AV1 encoding/decoding

Switch position:

Left double BIOS switch, right light board switch (facing the fan, the switch is on the right by default)

External power source:

8PIN * 2(Power requirement 1000W or more)



GPU maximum size: