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MTT S80 uses a 7NM process, 4096 MUSA cores, and a maximum video memory configuration of 32GB. The maximum single-precision computing power is 14.4TFlops. It can encode and decode H.264, H.265, AV1 multi-channel HD video and perform a variety of AI model calculations. compel acceleration To meet the high-density GPU configuration in the data center, the MTT S80 uses passive cooling and a single-slot design.

Moore Threads has released a unified programming model, runtime library, driver, and other software tools for the MTT S80 series products' hardware architecture, which can help developers complete application porting and adaptation and fully call MTT OpenGL ES, DirectX, Vulkan, and other graphics APIs. Support the audio and video processing ecosystems with FFMPEG and VA-API/DXVA compatibility, and meet AI and scientific computing program compatibility with OpenCL and Vulkan.

Moore Threads MTT S80 is compatible with X86, ARM, and other CPU architectures, as well as mainstream Linux operating system distributions, and has begun to collaborate with many server partners to adapt to a wide range of general-purpose and GPU server models from OEM manufacturers. In the application environment, the deployment is complete.

Industry's First PCIe Gen5 Graphics Card

Modern games contain a large amount of high-precision texture data. These data need to be transferred from the storage to the graphics card at high speed during game rendering, and the PCIe interface determines the data exchange speed between the graphics card and the entire system.
Moore Thread MTT S80 is the industry's first graphics card equipped with a PCIe Gen5 interface. It provides the industry's highest two-way 128GB/s transmission bandwidth, which can fully release the graphics card's computing performance and provide a clearer and smoother gaming experience.

16GB GDDR6 high-speed video memory

MTT S80 is equipped with 16GB GDDR6 large-capacity high-speed video memory, which fully meets the data storage and high-speed transmission needs of PC games with exquisite graphics, and helps the graphics card to load more ultra-high-definition materials, thereby reducing the number of content loading times and reducing the problems caused by insufficient video memory capacity. The game frequently freezes and the frame rate is insufficient. The higher operating frequency and memory bandwidth brought by the GDDR6 specification can further improve the core operating performance and help release the full performance potential.

8K ultra-high-definition display

MTT S80 integrates the second-generation intelligent multimedia engine of Moore Thread, which can handle video formats such as AV1, H.264, H.265, VP9, and supports HDR10 video processing and playback. Through the advanced DisplayPort1.4a and HDMI2.1 interfaces, it can support up to 4 channels of 8K resolution display output, and can be directly connected to mainstream 8K monitors and TVs. Through MST multi-stream transmission, it provides the ability to transmit up to 4 independent video streams in a single DisplayPort1.4a interface.

Full-featured GPU

MTT S80 has four complete functional engines, which can provide full-featured support based on PC scenarios in the fields of artificial intelligence and multimedia processing. Not only that, based on MTT S80, users can train classic models such as computer vision and natural language understanding, and can also perform encoding and decoding acceleration in mainstream video formats such as AV1, HEVC and H.264.

PES control center

The PES control center integrates functions such as driver update, graphics card running status monitoring, display settings, and game screenshots. The functions of PES will continue to be expanded and optimized. The Moore thread graphics card will continue to expand useful or fun functions, and deliver them to the user through the PES control center.

Product PositioningGraphics Card for Ultra HD Gaming
MUSA Number of cores4096
Tensor Computing Unit128 cores
GPU frequency of core1.8GHZ
Texture fill rate460GTexel/s
Pixel fill rate460GPixel/s
Codec for video8K AVI/H.265/H.264, 32channels 1080P@30fps
Display resolution of 8K7680x4320@30Hz,Support MST4, HDR10
FP32 Hash14.4 TFLOPS
INT8 Hash57.6 TOPS
Memory Capacity16 GB
Memory typeGDDR6
PCle interfaceI Gen5 x16 SR-IOV
Application3D rendering capability, artificial intelligence, general computing, multimedia processing
SizeL 266mm X H 111mm