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The Moore Thread MTT S70 game graphics card is equipped with a complete "Spring Dawn" chip core, built-in 3584 MUSA stream processing units, under the main frequency of 1.6GHz, can provide 11.2TFLOPS of single-precision floating point computing power, which brings powerful 3D graphics rendering ability. It will be able to bring users a smooth experience under different resolutions of 1080P, 2K, and 4K in Windows DirectX games. At the same time, the MTT S70 is equipped with 7GB GDDR6 high-speed video memory, with 392GB/s video memory bandwidth, which can support more games under DirectX 11, while supporting cutting and OBS mainstream video software, so that players and creators enjoy "output". Not only that, the MTT S70 can also provide full GPU capabilities in artificial intelligence, general purpose computing, and multimedia processing

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The MTT S70's powerful 3D graphics rendering capability will be able to bring users a smooth operation experience in 4K resolution in Windows DirectX games. Moore Thread will also continue to optimize the MTT S70 in multiple dimensions such as hardware, computing, memory access, scheduling and system, aiming to bring users better game performance and wider game compatibility.

7GB GDDR6 high-speed video memory

Equipped with high-speed 7GB GDDR6 video memory, to ensure the smooth operation of large games in high resolution, enjoy the game world.

8K Ultra HD display

The hardware supports encoding or decoding of various video formats such as H.265/H.264. Equipped with three DisplayPort 1.4a interfaces and one HDMI 2.1 display interface, it can simultaneously support four 8K30-ton ultra-high-definition output displays.

Full-featured GPU

The MTT S70 has a complete four-function engine, which can provide full-featured support for PC-based scenarios in the fields of artificial intelligence program development and multimedia processing.Based on the MTT S70, users can train classical models such as computer vision and natural language understanding, as well as codec acceleration in mainstream video formats such as AV1, HEVC and H.264.

PES control center

The PES Control Center integrates driver updates, graphics health monitoring, display Settings, and game screenshots. The functionality of PES will continue to be expanded and optimized. Moore Thread graphics cards will continue to expand useful or fun features, and through the PES control center to reach the user.

Stream processing unit3584 MUSA core
GPU core frequency1. 6GHz
FP32 computing power11.2 TFL OPS
Video memory capacity7 GB
Video memory typeGDDR6
Video memory bit width224 bit
Video bandwidth392GB/s
Bus interfacePCle Gen 4x16
Display connection []3xDisplayPort 1.4a 1 xHDMI2.1
Maximum resolution7680x4320
Power dissipation220W
product icon 64Supports modern graphics rendering engines
product icon 41

Supports AV1, H.264/H.265 and other encoding formats

Support AV1, H.264, H.265, VP9,

Decoding formats such as AVS2

product icon 66Support Pytorch, TensorFlow,
PaddlePaddle and other AI computing frameworks
product icon 52OpenCL parallel computing is supported
product icon 54Support X86, ARM architecture CPU
product icon 54* Support Windows 10, Windows 11