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MTT S1000M adopts 12NM process, uses 1024 MUSA cores, single-precision computing power can reach up to 2TFlops, configures 32GB video memory, supports H.264, H.265, AV1 multi-channel high-definition video encoding, and multi-channel AV1, H.264, UHD video decoding in H.265, VP9, ​​VP8, MPEG1/2/4, AVS2 and other formats, and can support up to 8K resolution. MTT S1000M is a half-height, half-length, single-slot PCIE card optimized for video scenarios. It adopts passive heat dissipation and consumes a maximum of 35W.

Moore Threads integrates Moore Threads first-generation intelligent multimedia engine MT Smart Media Engine for MTT S1000M, which can accelerate various audio and video applications on the cloud and edge side, such as security intelligence, video conferencing, live VOD, cloud gaming, cloud desktop, etc. Supports the audio and video processing ecosystem by being compatible with the FFmpegy audio and video framework and the VA-API application program interface, providing customers with the underlying GPU hardware encoding and decoding capabilities; supporting OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan and other graphics APIs; compatible with Pytorch, TensorFlow, PaddlePaddle and other artificial intelligence computing frameworks; through OpenCL to meet the program compatibility of AI and scientific computing.

Moore Threads MTT S1000M is compatible with X86, ARM and other CPU architectures and mainstream Linux operating system distributions.

Product PositioningUltra HD Video Transcoding Card
Application scenariosVideo cloud, live broadcast, on-demand, cloud game, cloud desktop
Audio and video frameworkFFmpeg 4.4
Encoding formatAV1,H.264,H.265
Decoding format

AV1,H.264,H.265,VP9,VP8,AVS2,MPEG1/2/4 etc

Coding performance[email protected]
Decoding performance[email protected]
Codec maximum resolution7680x4320
MUSA Number of cores1024
Memory Capacity4 GB
DimensionsL 158.5mm X H 80.2mm
Supports multiple audio and video frameworks and formats
Support for modern graphics rendering engines
Support a variety of artificial intelligence computing frameworks
Support OpenCL 3.0 parallel computing
Support X86, ARM architecture CPU
Support Ubuntu, Kylin, Tongxin and other operating systems
MT GMI Status and Performance Monitoring