Moore Threads

UnixCloud (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. is the official authorized agent of Moore Threads

Moore Threads is a fabless semiconductor company in Beijing, China, mainly engaged in GPU design business. The company was founded in October 2020 by Zhang Jianzhong, former global vice president of NVDIA and general manager of China. The current product is a graphics card for the consumer market.

On March 31, 2022, Moore Thread announced the first batch of graphics card products: MTT S60 for computers and workstations and MTT S2000 for servers. Both graphics cards use the first-generation MUSA architecture (Moore Threads Unified System Architecture, Moore Threads Unified System Architecture, Chinese name "Su Ti")

In November 2022, Moore Thread announced the second batch of graphics card products: the graphics card MTT S80 for computers and workstations and the MTT S3000 for servers; it adopts the new generation of MUSA architecture "Chunxiao" and uses PCIe Gen5 slots.

Based on the core computing power of Moore's thread multi-function GPU, facing complex practical application scenarios, Moore's thread is working with many partners to create meta-computing solutions for various industries, contributing to the accelerated development of the digital economy with computing power support.

Digital energy, promoting intelligent applications - Moore Thread and State Grid E-Commerce Technology jointly promote the application of "electric power industry artificial intelligence" and "industrial metaverse power scene". The two parties will jointly build a joint application research laboratory for intelligent computing chips, explore and promote the application of GPU chips in the power field, support the basic needs of software and hardware in the construction of new energy power systems, and realize the construction, application and promotion of dual-carbon high-performance intelligent computing platforms.

Digital agriculture helps rural revitalization—Moore Thread and Escher Technology jointly build a digital demonstration planting base, build a digital twin model of an agricultural base, fully realize standardized and intelligent management, and escort the entire process of product processing. Realize the traceability of varieties through digital planting, guarantee the high quality and high price of varieties, scientifically guide the ability of crop rotation, and promote the new development trend of rural digitalization, standardization and scale.

Digital city, promoting the transformation of government and enterprises—GPU general-purpose computing, high-definition video processing, GPU modeling and 3D rendering capabilities for big data can quickly transfer data from the physical world to the digital twin world in time and space dimensions, and promote government and enterprise Digital transformation for economic development. Moore Thread is exploring cloud-native rendering and digital twins with Light Cloud and 51 World.

Digital life, assisting scientific exploration - three-dimensional reconstruction of proteins under cryo-electron microscopy includes intensive calculation links such as million-level particle classification, reprojection, and model reconstruction. The Moore thread GPU multi-core parallel architecture can accelerate the process of software protein reconstruction and facilitate the research of medical pathology and structural biology

DIGITALME Digital Human Solution - Moore Thread uses deep visual learning technology and TTS voice generation technology to build a low-cost, lightweight solution that generates a digital human in real time with a single image and a small amount of audio.

Moore's thread digital human currently has functions such as expression learning, talent imitation, and natural state explanation of a given text.